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Halle Berry's New Love

Posted: Sunday July 16, 2006
Credit: CONDE-Q     Filed under: WRITER'S BLOCK
Are We on the Verge of Another White Boy Invasion?

Reflections and Expressions about Confessions

Halle Berry Deals With Racism

A friend of mine overheard two guys on the bus talking about Halle Berry and their strong opposition to the new man in her life. Their conversation verbatim:

“Man, I don’t understand how she’s gettin’ with that white [dude]. He can’t do nothin’ for her.” “She needs to find a brotha’ that will treat her right.” “She’s too damn pretty to be treated bad.”

You can imagine the strength required to suppress the snicker rising in my throat. I didn’t realize that only pretty girls should be treated well… I have to pass that one on to the rest of us who don’t have Berry Beauty.

Are some people still so closed minded that even a woman of Halle Berry’s status still gets disapproving glances and comments because she has chosen to date outside her race?

I don’t have Halle Berry’s status, but as a black woman who has dated, and continues to date white men, it’s not about pissing off my race, it’s about exploring my options and finding the best man for the job.

And when you think about it, after an early boyfriend mistreated her, David Justice abused her and Eric Benet cheated on her, she decided to try something new—dating outside the Brotha Box!


...Continued Below

It’s not like Halle Berry gives a hoo about the common man’s approval of who she chooses to date anyway. And if you’re going to date outside the Box, raise your standards a bit.

Let’s look at things in terms of Black and White:

Gabriel Aubry is Hot by white-guy standards. Hell, he’s Hot by general standards!

I say, if this guy is treating her right, not abusing her, not cheating on her, who cares what color he is? And if their relationship ends because of something he did, trust me, it would have nothing to do with his Color, but rather his Gender…

Look at it this way, men are kind of like shoes, they may not come in your preferred color, or even a color everyone else thinks you should be wearing, but if they look good and they make you feel good, after a while, they might just become your favorite pair!


Friday December 15, 2006    

Who cares if he is black or white, as long as he treats you right?

-- Michelle

Sunday February 25, 2007    

It’s not wrong morally but it’s a slap in the face for Black men. I’m a Black man and I’m frustated when I see a proud, I too good for you look from white women who are in my opinion, average at best so when a gorgous Black woman dates a European looking white guy with an accent, then I see her as that snooty, too good for you average Black man. Soap operas will cast a beautiful Black woman as a love interest with a white man but I can’t remember the last time I saw the opposite. So I guess hollywood and white America in general may feel the same way about white women dating a well-to-do, athletically built and highly intelligent Black man. I’m sure their egos are stirred also.

-- Shelbyll J Martin

Wednesday March 28, 2007    

Halle Berry is not a black woman, she is bi-racial. Her mother is very white and when people talk about color I wish you’d get it right.I think it’s wonderful for Halle to explore the white side as well as the black side.I myself have two beautiful bi-racial children and I hope they too will explore the different races.

-- Deborah Matthews

Saturday April 14, 2007    

Can we please remember that halley is part white and that all of her past men all proud black men have treated her like crap! I have an idea, go tell her she needs to deny her white mother, the woman who raised her after her black father abandoned them just because we need to feel good about ourselves.

-- Emanuelle

Monday June 11, 2007    

I wonder if they will get married and announce it to the celebrity and news.

-- Tona'

Thursday June 14, 2007    

I am black and I don’t care if Halle Berry is going out with a white man with a european accent. I have a masters degree in astronomy and I am the next Steven Hawkings. So white and mixed women don’t look down on me. I look down on them.

-- John Washington

Thursday June 21, 2007    

Be happy Halle…what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors

-- jaylo101

Monday June 25, 2007    

Halle is half white so it is perfectly fine if she chooses to date within her race. She is not dating out of her race because she is part of both worlds black and white.

-- Cynthia

Wednesday July 4, 2007    

Dont fight the feeling Halle. Love is real.

-- Dalbert J.LeDay

Monday July 9, 2007    

Halle Berry tried to make it happen with her Black men and what did they do to her? Verbally & physically abuse her. Did we forget that she is 80% deaf in one ear because a BLACK MAN beat her? I am a Black woman and love my Black men but I’m tired of the baggage that comes with them… It’s becoming too hard to love my brothas…Inferiority complexes, self esteem issues, fidelity drama, etc… And Black men date outside their race all the time. It’s time for us to do the same. 54% of Black women in this country are unmarried… A damn shame.. You know why? Because we’ve been waiting on our Black men for far too long hoping they’ll get it together… It’s time to try something new… Time to try love without all the drama attached… Go head Halle… And to the Black men who feel like it’s a slap in the face-Tell your fellow brothas tighten up! Get it together. When they do, they’ll get their women back.

-- Tee


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