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Posted: Friday July 21, 2006
Credit: CONDE-Q     Filed under: WRITER'S BLOCK
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Philadelphia fans take their sports very seriously. When we adore an athlete–they know it. And when we are scorned by an athlete–you better believe we show it. With that said— T.O. needs a serious T.O.! Give him his binky and let him sit in the corner for a few minutes.

Who the hell does Terrell Owens think he is? I have had my fill of these overpaid, “I broke a nail and now I have to sit out the season and collect my millions that are, in my opinion, STILL not enough so I have to renegotiate my already obscene contract” whiny, crybaby athletes. Phew!

You just want to say, “Man-Up! Stop complaining, catch the damn ball and be happy!”

This is not to say that he doesn’t contribute as a player or isn’t a gifted athlete–he very well may be—but come on—It’s not like he does anything noble–like save lives, protect the country or teach children–professions in which the people who do them are terribly underpaid.

You catch a ball and run with it for goodness sake! Yet, Mr. Owens wants the fans to hear his side of the story, his NFL lament. So we can what, empathize with you over the fact that making nearly $50 million dollars over the course of seven years, just isn’t enough for you?

Next thing you know he’ll ask for a golden statue to be placed outside Texas Stadium so fans can dance around it in worship while making blood sacrifices before each game.


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