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The Many Faces of Hollywood

Posted: Wednesday November 1, 2006
Tyrese's "Alter Ego" Comes out December 12th

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Secret Wedding, an Inside View

Bow Wow's "Shortie Like Mine" Grips #1

Models singing, rappers acting, and actors doing reality television, what’s next America? It seems that no one wants to do just one thing these days. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie without the cameo of a singer or someone outside “the acting world”. It seems that if you are not multifaceted then Hollywood doesn’t have a place for you.

So is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Andre “Andre 3000” Benjamin, Tyrese Gibson and Queen Latifah, just to name a few, have seemed to master the craft of crossing over. These musicians not only hold down their music forte but are able to act as well. Watching movies such as “Baby Boy,” “Set it off,” “Four Brothers” and Academy Award Winning movie “Crash,” I was amazed. I now call these musicians musicians/actors because they have done such a great job in mastering the craft of acting.

March 31, 2006 marked the release date for “ATL” staring Clifford “T.I” Harris. T.I is breaking records on the Hip-hop charts but can he break records at the box office, and will he live up to his peers such as Ludacris by making the “oh so smooth” transition from rapper to rapper/ actor. I’ll leave those questions up to you, the reader, but I will say that not all musicians are successful in Hollywood.


...Story Continued Below

For every multitalented celebrity such as Queen Latifah there is a handful of what I like to call “stick to your day job” actors. Not to discredit Beyonce, because I am a fan of her music and support almost everything she does, but I’m just not convinced acting is something she should get into. From “Austin Powers: Goldmember” to “Carmen: the hip-hopera,” “Fighting Temptations” and the newly re-release of Pink Panther, I have been very disappointed at her acting ability. Sorry Beyonce, but acting just is not for you. Stick to the booty-hop and promoting perfume because I don’t want to see your career go down the drain like Britney Spears after “Crossroads”.

Have I made up my mind? Should actors act, singers sing, models be the only ones to make covers of Vogue? Those questions are still floating in my head but I want to leave you with this: Being multitalented is a gift, but not everyone can do everything. We should strive to be the best at what we do, and if we can do everything then do it! However, just because your mother or father tells you that you are good at something does not guarantee that they are telling you the truth. If Tyra Banks would have asked for the opinion of others the song and video “Shake Ya Body” disaster would have never happened.

There are many celebrities that should stick to what they do best, but there are some who can make the transition from singing to acting or vice versa. Therefore, I say “Hats off” to the entertainers, and keep on entertaining and we will keep on watching.


Thursday November 30, 2006    

t.i. is also fake. “Clifford” a big red dog that can`t bark cuz he will get bit n hit.

-- greg


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