Weird News
Woman Shoots Fireworks at Police Helicopter
Armless motorist charged after stopped while driving with feet
Man Gets 20 Years In Prison For Stealing Goat
Namibians vote on Angelina 'labor day
Student suspended for sharing caffeinated gum
Judge: Sex offender too short for prison
Wife Attacks Husband With Bug Spray
Oops! Gasoline on sale for 29 cents a gallon
Wine keeps Hungarian apes feeling fine
Thieves make off with 600-pound Buddha
12-year undergrad postpones the real world AGAIN!...
Feds Seize Saddam's Souped-Up Car
Homeless Foot-Licker Charged in Calif.
Man Claims to Find Rodent Tooth in Peanuts
Mayor Accused Of Discounting Water Bills For Sex
Man sentenced for fraud gets gold watch
Teen at airport arrested after screaming 'it's time to die'
Overweight elephant not liking custom treadmill
Woman gets power shut off over 1 penny
Con artist leaps from wheelchair and flees
Goose with arrow stuck in back evades capture
Girl, 14, jailed after avoiding trial of man accused of molesting her
Student Busted For MySpace Bong Photo
BBC mistakes cabbie for computer expert
Runaway Turtle travels 2.9km in 8 months
Oxygen To Be Sold In 7-11 Stores In Japan