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 June 2006
Naomi Campbell Might Be Facing Another Lawsuit  - posted June 28/2006
Another maid is coming forward to accuse Supermodel Naomi Campbell of abuse.
Star Jones Announces Exit  - posted June 28/2006
Star Jones announced yesterday that she will be leaving The View after nine straight seasons.
NFL star Warren Sapp to Open Hip-Hop Themed Restaurants in Florida - posted June 27/2006
Sapp tells CNBC that he plans to build hip-hop themed restaurants in Florida
Beyonce's All-Girl Band is Set  - posted June 24/2006
Beyonce's search for an all-female band came to an end last Sunday.
Mary J. Blige to Appear on "One Life to Live"  - posted June 21/2006
Mary J Blige makes a cameo on the soaps
American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks Jams with Snoop  - posted June 21/2006
Taylor Hicks made a surprise on stage appearance with Snoop.
Wedding Tape Bandits Caught  - posted June 21/2006
Thieves caught after allegedly trying to sell J.Lo's stolen wedding video
Using the influence of Hip Hop, H.S.A.N seeks 10,000 PA Voters  - posted June 21/2006
Russell Simmons uses the power of music to reach voters...
Movies and DVD's May Be Released Simultaneously  - posted June 20/2006
DVDs and Movies may be released simultaneously
Diddy Out, Old Schoolers In  - posted June 19/2006
Due to an "unforeseen scheduling conflict" Diddy won't perform.
Usher Volunteers, Helps Katrina Victims  - posted June 16/2006
R&B artist Usher and dozens of volunteers help Katrina Victims
Hip-Hop's Bling King Indicted - posted June 16/2006
Jacob "the Jeweler" Arabov was one of sixteen individuals arrested Thursday morning on federal charges
Jay-Z's Stand: rapper boycotts Cristal after Controversial Remarks - posted June 16/2006
Jay-Z boycotts Cristal after controversial remarks...
Jordan Comes Home, Signs Ownership Pact with Charlotte - posted June 16/2006
Michael Jordan is now co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.
Ciara to Co-Host ASCAP Awards Show  - posted June 14/2006
Ciara co-hosts the ASCAP Awards
Janet Jackson's "20 Years Old" Releases Sept. 26th  - posted June 12/2006
Few albums in the history of American music have ever...
Jay-Z Inspires Hip Hop Musical  - posted June 12/2006
Writer and director Daron Fordham cites Jay-Z as his inpiration.
The Queen Jumpstarts 'National Women's Confidence Day'  - posted June 8/2006
Latifah raises celebrates the positive impact of women.
Ludacris: Beef With Oprah Blown Out of Proportion  - posted June 7/2006
Ludacris asks fans and the media to lay off of Oprah.
Master P, Lil' Romeo and Lee Ann Womack to Perform for Troops  - posted June 6/2006
Rappers Master P and Lil' Romeo to perform for troops.
Celebrities Join the Battle Against Aids  - posted June 5/2006
The NAPWA announces a new roster of celebrity ambassadors.
OJ Simpson Sex Tape: Can his reputation sink any lower?  - posted June 5/2006
The Juice caught in a 3-way romp with hookers.
Stars Shine at MTV's 15th Annual Movie Awards - posted June 4/2006
MTV rolled out the red carpet to welcome the stars...
LL Cool J Honored  - posted June 3/2006
LL Cool J, Bill Withers honored by the ASCAP.
Newcomer 'Kev Samples' Disses and Proclaims R&B Dead - posted June 3/2006
Singer Kev Samples releases a mix-tape proclaiming R&B dead.
Snickers Recruits BEP to Defend Old School Hip Hop  - posted June 1/2006
Snickers has created a series of digital films called "digi-sodes" that cast Black Eyed Peas members
 May 2006
Mariah Carey Named Celebrity Legs of a Goddess  - posted May 31/2006
Mariah legs immortalized with a 16-foot high statue
Remy Martin Turns up the volume for Black Music Month - posted May 31/2006
Remy Martin announces honors Black Music
Classic TV: Benson Joins TV Land Line-up - posted May 31/2006
Robert Guillaume's signature series joins TV Land line-up
New Single From Paris Hilton's Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rock Colab  - posted May 30/2006
Paris Hilton's new album releases in June
Beyonce's 25th Birthday Release  - posted May 28/2006
Beyonce latest album, "B'Day", launches on her 25th birthday, September 4th.
Luda, Kanye Get Their Day In Court  - posted May 26/2006
Kanye West and Ludacris appeared in court yesterday to refute claims...
Janet Jackson: I Needed to Gain Weight  - posted May 25/2006
After losing 60 pounds Janet Jackson revealed to US Magazine that she purposely gained weight.
Kanye, Ludacris Sued  - posted May 24/2006
Kanye West and Christopher Ludacris Bridges are involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit
Halle Berry Deals With Racism  - posted May 24/2006
Actress Halle Berry touches on the issue of Racism in Hollywood
 April 2006
Janet Jackson Addresses Music Leaks Rumors  - posted April 14/2006
Janet Jackson's upcoming album has fueled a barrage of internet "leak" rumors.
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